Introductory Guide for New or Prospective Students

Background Information

With a global client base ranging from government agencies to members of the Fortune 500, Toddington International Inc. (“TII”) has been enabling its customers to find and use online information more effectively since 1997.

Initially launched in 1998 and branded Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool™ in 2006, our core training course has been undertaken by thousands of investigators, researchers, and open source intelligence professionals worldwide, and remains our most popular to date. Due to an overwhelming demand from investigators around the world, we are now pleased to offer a universal version of this course, with tools and resources categorized by region, including Asia and the Pacific, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Introduced in 2013, our Introduction to Intelligence Analysis course was the first online course released in our popular Intelligence Analysis Methods series, which is now accompanied by our Criminal Intelligence Analysis and Strategic Intelligence Analysis courses.

Finally, due to popular demand upon implementation of the European Union 4th AML Directive, we launched our Open Source Intelligence for Financial Investigators training in 2017, which replaced our former Internet Research Skills for Financial Investigators course.  (This course is currently is under revision and will be available again soon).

With a focus on law enforcement, government, security, research, and intelligence-related professionals in both the public and private sectors, our courses provide the tools, techniques, and technical know-how required to effectively and efficiently use the internet to conduct online research and investigations.

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*In 2010, Toddington International Inc. became a Federally Certified Educational Institution with the ability to issue tax receipts to Canadian students enrolled in our Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool course.