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While general Internet research may appear simple, the World Wide Web can be very difficult to navigate when searching for timely, accurate, and actionable Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). The complexities of the Internet can produce missing information, and a user's safety, integrity, and privacy can be compromised if they are unaware of the inherent risks that come with online research and investigation. We at Toddington International Inc. (TII) equip students with the knowledge and techniques required to effectively and safely use the Internet as an OSINT, research, and investigation tool.

Since 1997, TII has maintained an unrivaled reputation as a world leader in the provision of Internet based OSINT training services. With a global client base ranging from government and law enforcement agencies to members of the Fortune 500, our clients come to us because we enable their personnel to find better online information, in less time, at less cost and with less risk™.

As training budgets are cut and travel costs increase, many of our clients have found our online training to be an ideal and cost-effective solution to their needs. Completed by tens of thousands of individuals worldwide, our continually updated e-learning programs ensure the specific requirements of all our global customers are fully catered to.